About Aquila Nova

Aquila Nova is a security solutions provider and equipment supplier to the marine & offshore and civil sectors.

We focus on innovative system design and engineering to create solutions which support first responders and field operators in their line of work. Our solutions aid our clients in protecting lives and high-value assets and ensuring safe navigations and successful operations.

Our vision & mission

To provide efficient and results-oriented solutions which help our clients deter security risks and optimise mission-critical performance.

We are partnered with principals who are industry leaders in their fields. Likewise, the people who make up our company are experts in recommending you the best security systems, equipment, software and hardware for your application.

From large-scale to multifaceted projects, our solutions excel against the toughest challenges. We understand how accuracy and reliability are crucial in the performance of mission-critical tasks.

an innovative solution provider

Armed with extensive knowledge from key industries, our team is fully capable of creating solutions for a broad range of applications.

• Highly specialised solutions
• Experienced team
• Innovative engineering
• Customised to your needs

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