Formosa Plastic Group

The Formosa Plastics Group in Taiwan is a large private company, founded in 1958, that operates worldwide across various industries; most notably, petrochemicals, plastics, pharmaceuticals, textiles and many others.

Recently, this Taiwanese company needed to kit out one of its refineries with a video surveillance system. The reason for this was to monitor certain production processes that take place in a hazardous area, due to the presence of combustible substances. The client’s main priority was to have complete certainty that the installed cameras would not be an ignition source in themselves of flammable elements present in the surrounding environment.

For this delicate task, they used 16 cameras and installed them in explosion-proof housings from the MAXIMUS MHX range.

MHX housings boast a long list of international certifications – ATEX, IECEX, EAC-EX, INMETRO, UL listed for USA and Canada, KCs; that verify their compliance with the highest security standards for operation in hazardous areas.

The client stated that they appreciated how robust the housings and its accessories were, being made entirely from anti-corrosive material, which ensures unlimited durability. They also found the WASEX wiper and pump very beneficial, as they can both be operated remotely, saving on the number of in-situ interventions necessary to clean the front glass.
The MHX housings are also very adaptable and useful, as they gave the client the freedom to choose which camera to install inside, according to their monitoring needs

Over the years, Formosa Plastics Group has often used Videotec products throughout its many production factories, always voicing their satisfaction with the reliability and confirming that the constant high quality meets their expectations. The competence and professionalism shown by Videotec are substantiated by an impressive number of references in the industry and numerous certifications attained, which guarantee the elevated quality levels of its products.

In thirty years of doing business, Videotec has attained a solid level of experience of the critical issues that are found across the Oil & Gas industry. Today, the company can meet the industry’s needs by offering the most innovative range of products and lead-times that can’t be matched by the competition.

During 2016, Videotec has launched three innovative explosion-proof products, just for this particular industry sector.

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