NXM housings are the ideal choice for interesting underwater surveillance purposes, as already demonstrated in other successful applications across the world.

Since it was founded in 1979, the Japanese organisation NRIFE (National Research Institute of Fisheries Engineering) has been engaged in research which will help develop the fishing industry. In particular, this has covered the creation of sustainable technologies for suppling fish products to the national food market. NRIFE provides engineering solutions for the wide range of problems found within the fishing industry.

To carry out its subaquatic research, NRIFE used underwater monitoring kits that comprised of cameras placed in NXM housings.

To ensure complete resistance against corrosion in all natural environments, such as immersion in sea water, AISI316L stainless-steel was used for both the body of the housings and all the fixtures. An appropriately thick body and locking flanges, and the quality of the seals play a fundamental role in how resistant the product is to being immersed in water. But they are not they only factors.

NXM housings are put through a surface treatment called ‘electrolytic polishing’ that eliminates any impurities or surface defects and ensures perfect resistance against the various substances with which they come into contact.

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