Marine & Offshore, Oil & Gas

Surveillance & Security for Total Peace of Mind

Mariners and offshore operators require solutions which support their work and ensure safety when facing challenging environments, harsh operating conditions and complex applications.

Aquila Nova has helped businesses in the oil & gas, maritime and offshore industries:

Gain complete situational awareness at sea when navigating unpredictable ocean waters with reliable visual aids and intelligent video analytics. We have surveillance solutions for every environment. Our cameras range in PTZ, fixed, compact, lightweight, environment and explosion-proof, corrosion and shock-resistant types, offering high-resolution imaging and accommodating all vessel types from LNG carriers to oil tankers and also commercial boats.

Develop a comprehensive security system with total intrusion detection, entry access control and perimeter protection of critical assets such as process plants, refineries, FPSO and rigging platforms.

Detect intruders and dangerous situations before they arise, prevent accidents and immediately act to counter and resolve issues. Our solutions experts are here to help.

Hydrographic Surveys & Unmanned Vehicles

Reliable in Extreme Environments

Autonomous technology has grown to be indispensable to the marine and offshore industry’s future. The use of vehicles such as UMVs, USVs and ASVs makes it possible to explore areas that are otherwise inaccessible or costly, at the same time enabling mariners to focus on higher value tasks.

Aquila Nova supplies inertial motion sensing solutions which support its clients in vessel or offshore asset positioning, surveying, marine construction, ship navigation and offshore explorations.

Our range of world-class INS and GNSS technology has helped operators and mariners achieve real-time, centimetre-level precise positioning, and ensure reliability in harsh environments and despite magnetic disturbances.

We can supply solutions that are robust, cost-effective and compact to fit your vessel navigation, or ROV or AUV asset requirements.

Petrochemical Plants, Critical Infrastructure & Transportation

Detect & Deter Security Threats to Vital Assets

The lifeblood of a nation’s economy and public health, critical infrastructure sites are often high-target areas vulnerable to security threats. At-risk sites include the energy, telecommunications, financial, security services, water supply and transportation sectors.

From solutions for homeland security to protecting business assets, Aquila Nova has helped clients:

Prevent, mitigate and resolve high-level threats. We can create surveillance solutions for around-the-clock remote monitoring of indoor and outdoor facilities in any range, weather or lighting conditions, no matter if it involves large-scale, complex or hazardous environments.

Monitor, access and analyse data, and automate processes for countering perceived risks instantly. Besides high-clarity video imaging, we provide enterprise-level open-platform video management and Physical Information Security Management (PSIM) software. Utilising our technology and expertise, evidence gathering and strategic decision making is simplified, centralized and unified in a user-friendly platform.

Design economical, time-savvy, reliable and effective solutions. Our software is compatible with your devices, legacy and third party systems and is optimisable for mobile platforms.

Deployable nationwide, we can custom-configure our solutions to your industry-specific requirements. Find out how.


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