PGN Indonesia

Perusahaan Gas Negara (PGN) is the largest company in Indonesia for the transportation and distribution of natural gas. The total length of distribution pipelines of this company is 3,187 km, serving around 84 million customers.

As the owner and operator of four transmission pipelines, PGN is responsible for guaranteeing security along the entire chain of conservation and distribution of gas and for delivering products and services in accordance with the needs of consumers.

During the transport phase, the gas is pushed through the pipelines at a very high pressure. When it reaches the end users, however, its delivery pressure must be adjusted so that it falls within an acceptable range (as detailed in the contractual delivery specifications).
This is to prevent consumers from being exposed to the full transport pressure reached within the pipeline. A meter and regulator station is used to regulate the Natural Gas outlet pressure, and reduce it to an acceptable value.

To this end, PGN has developed a meter and regulator station (the Master Control Station) that works via remote control, directed from the control room. This project plays an active role in the PGN’s commitment to achieving Operational Excellence in process management, with the focus on optimising safety, improving efficiency and on maximising reliability throughout the gas supply chain operations.

To guarantee reliability and security of the control function, it is necessary to monitor the process using specialised CCTV equipment for hazardous zones.
10 PTZ units from the MPXHD series have been chosen for the realisation of this surveillance system, because of their reliability in providing perfect video footage and their compliance with the highest security standards for operation in hazardous areas. 
The PTZ units are used to directly monitor the metering and regulating operations remotely from the master control room.

Positive feedback from the users include: Videotec’s MPX HD units provide excellent and satisfying video performance and quality. Very effective for our video surveillance mission and with a very good full HD resolution.
Movements in both horizontal and vertical plane of this camera also run smoothly with control through Ethernet. In addition, the video quality is so good that we are able to identify the smallest details in a scene with the highest accuracy.

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Short video footage from MPXHD