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FLIR Marine & Raymarine

FLIR Marine and Raymarine thermal imaging cameras provide the ultimate low and no-light visibility for every situation. Using advanced thermal imaging, our marine solutions allow clear vision in complete darkness, through sola glares, and in situations where fog or smoke is obscuring the view.

Using proven technology that has been used by the military, first responders, commercial and recreational mariners daily for years, these systems provide quality support in collision avoidance, threat detection, surveillance, search and rescue and any situation where clear visibility is crucial.


Our products ensure that you can spot other seagoing vessels in darkness, even those without running lights active. In addition, you can quickly and easily pick out navigation aids, buoys, floating debris of all kinds and any other obstacle you may encounter.

For fast response needs, our products allow enhanced vision and safe, effective collision avoidance even in high traffic areas.

Navigate Smarter and Avoid Obstacles



First Responders

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