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Full visibility surveillance in any environment

Large Enterprises

Our FLIR solutions provide the complete, end-to-end system for protecting critical infrastructure across multiple locations. With total darkness visibility from FLIR and high definition visible cameras for absolute clarity, ongoing software analysis and comprehensive recording, we create a security network designed to monitor, alert and record intruders, providing early warning and forensic evidence for all potential security threats.

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Site theft is one of the biggest challenges facing the construction industry today. With a combination of high-definition visible cameras and our FLIR thermal imaging systems, we can provide 24/7 protection for any environment.

Our state-of-the-art software and recording systems provide automated alarms and forensic evidence when needed, creating a sophisticated network that protects both materials and equipment on any project



Whether road or rail, smooth-flowing traffic is essential for efficient transportation. Safe travel means being proactive, and our comprehensive solutions can monitor traffic flow and detect incidents regardless of weather conditions or other visibility restrictions.

Bringing together powerful FLIR cameras for total darkness imaging, high-definition visible cameras for detailed imagery and a full support system including recording and software analysis, we create complete solutions that deliver security for rail and road routes.


Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure requires constant oversight and protection to ensure uptime and safety. Our security systems combine the forensic detail of high-definition visible cameras, FLIR thermal imaging for visibility even in total darkness, sophisticated software systems and dedicated recording facilities to provide a fully connected security solution for any installation.

With automated identification and verification of incursions, alarms and forensic evidence collection within a tightly integrated system, we provide the tools needed to protect critical infrastructure in any conditions day or night.

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Oil and Gas

Covering every aspect of the oil and gas industry workflow, our extensive security solutions identify and alert for security breaches ranging from intruder incursions to unidentified leaks, reducing the chance of accidents and offering an early warning for all kinds of security threats.

Covering oil and gas platforms, tanker vessels, terminals and refineries, drilling rigs, industrial plants and pipelines, through a range of FLIR and visibility cameras, sophisticated software and recording systems, you can maintain accurate security oversight of any installation in any conditions, even down to zero visibility.

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Marine Onshore and Offshore

Our security systems for marine use offer both exceptional performance and long life, designed to withstand the harshest of environments and corrosive atmosphere of offshore operation. Covering both offshore facilities such as drilling rigs, vessels of all kinds as well as associated onshore facilities, we bring together sophisticated analysis software, both visible and FLIR thermal imaging cameras along with dedicated recording equipment to deliver round-the-clock security protection for any application.

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Security & Space

Using dedicated Phase One imaging systems, we provide the large area capture ability that enhances any security initiative. Maintaining extremely high levels of detail with resolution up to 280MP, these purpose-built camera systems are designed for national security, earth observation and intelligence gathering applications.

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