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Saving Lives, Protecting Assets


With thermal imaging systems giving you the ability to see in complete darkness and through issues such as solar glare, visibility on the water is transformed. This ensures that you can see all types of threats early, identify the problem and take avoidance measures, keeping your crew and your vessel safe.

From objects in the water to other vessels you can spot issues and navigate with confidence even with limited natural visibility.

Commercial Marine

Commercial vessels must keep moving to meet schedules. With our FLIR solutions you can maintain accurate visibility even in total darkness, ensuring the safe operation of any vessel at any time of day or night.

Identify obstacles quickly, including jetties, rocks, debris and other vessels, even sea ice can be easily identified with FLIR solutions. Not only does this improve navigation, but the ability to spot other vessels quickly allows early identification of potential threats.

The systems can also be used to monitor on-deck activity to track crew or passengers, and provide fast notification for man-overboard or other problems that can occur.


First Responders

Emergencies can happen at any time and in any conditions. With our FLIR marine solutions, you can see in total darkness, avoid collisions, see onboard activity, identify suspect vessels and more. With thermal imaging, you can easily see debris in the water, rocks and other obstacles, and allows you to navigate safely at speed whatever the situation.

Whether total darkness, solar glare, fog, smoke or other visibility restrictions, you can maintain the situational awareness crucial for safe operations.

Recreational Boating

Through our comprehensive FLIR systems, recreational vessels can have the tools to monitor both internal and external activity regardless of prevailing visibility. Whether total darkness, solar glare, fog, or other issues, your crew can maintain complete visibility, from debris in the water, objects such as jetties or markers, other vessels and more for safe, accurate navigation at all times.

Internal monitoring maintains the safety of crew and passengers, identifying man-overboard situations quickly and locating a person in the water, as well as providing visual confirmation of issues on the vessel itself.



Utility provision brings with it many challenges that must be faced on a daily basis. From faulty equipment and security breaches to gas leaks and ongoing surveys, failing fuses and other issues that can interrupt supply, the need to see beyond normal visibility is essential.

Our FLIR solutions for utilities provide more than the ability to see in total darkness, the thermal imaging systems allow engineers to see faults before they become failures, enabling safer operation and preventative maintenance, keeping users and engineers better protected.


Oil and Gas

Oil and gas production involves a broad range of processes that involve inherently volatile materials, and as a result, safety provision is at the heart of everything they do. Through our FLIR solutions, leaks can be quickly identified, failing components spotted early and sites monitored to create a safer environment for workers.

In addition, FLIR cameras can be used to monitor transportation piping, helping to avoid fugitive emissions, vandalism and other invasive actions, reducing transmission losses and supporting safe operation.

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