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Oil and Gas

Oil and gas producers take on a number of risks throughout their operations, leak threats, site security and the need to comply with environmental legislation among them. Through our comprehensive monitoring solutions, we can provide both visible and thermal imaging of extraction, transport and processing infrastructure, including drilling rigs, vessels and pipelines, refineries and other plants.

Providing 24/7 monitoring in all visibilities, identifying leaks, ensuring correct tank levels and identifying incursions or theft, highlighting equipment damage such as furnaces, we develop connected systems that observe, identify and inform about any potential problem.

Extraction and Production

Offshore facilities in the oil and gas industries pose a unique challenge for any monitoring solution. These facilities operate day and night in some of the harshest environments possible, requiring both total darkness visibility and detailed monitoring.

Our solutions are built to withstand the corrosive environments that such facilities endure, with a range of visible and FLIR camera systems to provide monitoring regardless of conditions, day or night. Thermal imaging is not only ideal for low light and total darkness applications but allows hands-free monitoring of tank levels and other critical equipment throughout the production process to enhance safety, efficiency and security

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Transmission and Transportation

From leaks to vandalism, pipelines, storage and other transmission equipment requires constant monitoring to ensure safe, efficient operation. Our combination of FLIR and visible cameras and associated monitoring infrastructure deliver the ability to spot hidden gas leaks quickly, check tank levels remotely, inspect motors, pumps and valves, identifying failures before they become catastrophic to enable preventative maintenance.

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Processing and Refining

Handling volatile chemicals brings with it an inherent risk. Processing and refining plants require extensive monitoring solutions that deliver whatever the conditions or visibility. We bring together state of the art FLIR and visible cameras, software and infrastructure to deliver exceptional performance 24/7 even in challenging environments.

Our systems allow for furnace inspections, including tubs, hangars and burners remotely without the need to slow or stop production, identify electrical issues before they become failures, even monitor changes in stack flame output. With automated, continuous monitoring across critical equipment, our systems boost safety and performance, lower downtime and optimize maintenance costs.

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We offer a range of drone cameras with resolutions up to 100MP, delivering exceptionally detailed, wide-angle imagery for fast, accurate identification of issues on a range of structures including power lines, wind turbines, pipelines, towers, roads, bridges and throughout the agriculture industry.

Even the smallest damage can be spotted with the high-resolution images provided, and with easy integration into any drone system, provide practical, fast and cost-effective inspection solutions for any situation.


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