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We offer a range of Videotec PTZ Ulisse cameras and ancillaries to deliver the high-performance video surveillance you need, designed to operate in even the most challenging conditions. Lloyds approved and designed for any dynamic outdoor video surveillance application, with a variety of options to suit every application.

Whether stainless steel marine cameras that offer high speed, accurate target definition regardless of environmental conditions, to the explosion-proof range for added protection in hazardous environments, all PTZ series systems benefit from zero maintenance, robust and reliable operation and exceptional image clarity.

With a choice of IP or analog architectures, as well as full HD, thermal integrated or day/night capabilities across the range, there is a Videotec solution ready for your needs.

Ulisse Evo

Stainless Steel Maritime

Fixed Range Stainless Marine Cameras

New Generation and Industrial Explosion Proof

Fixed Range

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